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     For a long time I was trying to persuade those who were interested, that my suggestions were not without reason. Nevertheless, words are just words. Therefore, I decided to carry out at least any trials with as little expense as possible. I believe that I have managed to do it. You have to take it or to test it yourself. I have no secrets.

     Efficiency of sliding was estimated by the value of the run of the apparatus, which was pushed by an elastic string. The initial force of the string was of 10 kg .  The weight of the apparatus – 7.2 kg . The radius of the skate oval – 50 mm . At that, the skate’s cut into the ice came to 0.13 mm .  This value closely corresponds to that of 0.1 mm , which is usually made by a skater with 60 kg of weight.

     I carried out the trials with various materials and with various treatments of sliding surfaces. As a standard of a treatment, I took grinding plus polishing.

     The materials were compared with the 60C2A steel. The treatment was standard.

     The ice quality was good only in Krylatskoe Palace (thanks to Serjan Axmetjanovich - technical director, who helped me with my trials). About the quality of ice in public skating rings of my neighborhood, one can judge by the values of the run in those places.

     Evan the ice roughness, which resulted in a yaw of the moving apparatus, did not spoil the whole picture of the trials.

     I tested some variants of treatments of sliding surfaces for skates (Table #1) and two variants of steel (Table #2). The mean values of suggested skate’s runs are compared with those of the standard skates and shown in the Tables. The results of unsatisfactory variants are not shown.

Table #1


Variant Temperature
of the air,
Run of the standard, mm Run with special processing, mm Increase of a run, % Place of a test
04.01.06г.  1 -13 2462 2589 5,2 Public skating rink
06.01.06г.  2 -10 3841 3927 2,2 Public skating rink
07.01.06г.  3 -3 1778 2161 21,5 Public skating rink
15.01.06г.  4 -1 1442 1766 22,3 Public skating rink
05.02.06г.  5   13747 14031 2,1 Krylatskoe skating rink
21.02.06г. 6 -7 1413 1450 2,6 Public skating rink

Table #2
Date Variant Temperature
of the air
Run of the standard, mm Run with special processing, mm Increase of a run, % Place of a test
04.01.06г. 1 -13 2462 2801 8,2 Public skating rink
06.01.06г. 2 -10 3841 4136 5,3 Public skating rink

     I tested only what could made in my home conditions using common metalworker’ tools and a table in my kitchen.

The apparatus

The apparatus consists of heavy metal block with means for string fixing and a trigger mechanism. The skates were made of sheet steel with thickness of 1 mm . If the width of the sheet was enough, I made two sided skates (see The Picture). I processed the one side of skate using my method and the other side using standard one. This helped me to compare two methods and illuminate side effects. The last year trials resulted in my decision to turn the metal block on its side (see The Picture). The movement of the apparatus became less yawing.






































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