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In 1988 I’ve got acquainted with of sports sledge. At first sight its design seemed rather simple. But as I went deep into associated problems, I admired this sport shell greatly. This happened during my participation in All-Union competition of designs of the sports sledge, declared by the Sports Committee of the USSR

This luge was made by me in home conditions. But the special design of my luge and the use the new handling method of sliding surfaces of runners resulted in my victory in the All-Union competition declared by the Sports committee of the USSR in 1989. This result was mostly due to speeding-up at the end of the route.

In 1993 I brought my second luge to Sigulda, which was specially designed to test new materials of runners in real environment. It was supposed that Nadaya Danilina would test this luge. But, regretfully, because of bad weather Nadaya came flying from USA two days later the it was supposed. The time assigned to the test was gone. After that the luge was never tested

All the years after that I returned to development of luge designs. Now I know what are the best materials of runners, how to treat them and also how to better the luges which are already in use.

I know as to make 
the best in the world luge!

Luge, bobsled, skeleton, skates are just the sport fields where my knowledge may be used.

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