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The engineer - mechanic by education,



     At the first All-Union competition tricycle in Moscow I with "Bukashka" have won first place.

     Tricycle it is intended for productive leisure, tourism and improving occupations. For a season I on it "rolled" up to 1500 km. 


Speed optimum, km / hour                                                       30
Time of assembly tricycle, mines                                          5...8

Overall dimensions, mm:       length                            1500...1640
                                           width                                          820
                                            height (without a body)               700
Weight, kg

Body in the combined kind at me in hands. Two components of the machine - forward and back. Back part in gathering. Back part in the folded kind. The machine in the packed kind (two bags).

    The drive of turn of back wheels represents an original design not having analogues and allowing confidently to hold the machine in the set direction, even on potholes.

     The original design of seat provides adjustment of the sizes under the driver and unloads its backbone at rotation of pedals. It considerably raises endurance of the driver. Besides for a single whole with sitting the small boot - backpack is arranged.

     Back wheels have shock absorbers.

     Tricycle it is easy, without application of the tool, understands on two parts - forward and back. The back part develops. All is packed into two covers - bags.

     For few minutes the machine can establish the body protecting you from a bad weather. It is stored in a luggage carrier. Its weight - 1,6 kg.

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